Resonance events occurring in complex networks cause malfunctions or loss of life.

Every substance has a resonance frequency when excited. If frequency is attached and triggered by an external force, every matter can be split into pieces.
"Nikola Tesla"
Resonance is the tendency in physics for a system (usually a linear system) to oscillate at some frequencies at greater amplitudes than others. This situation is called the resonance (resonance) frequency or frequencies of that system. At these frequencies, even small periodic forces can produce very large amplitudes. Electrical resonance is the situation in which maximum energy transfer can be made in a circuit with circuit elements such as capacitor (C) and inductor (L) in a very simple theoretical definition. In practice, it can be defined as the presence of capacitance in the network, since the transformers that we feed the equipment are basically inductance. In other words, if there is a capacitance in the enterprise, there is definitely a resonance point in that facility.