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Nowadays, where energy consumption and costs are of great importance, the topic of power quality is critical not only in terms of savings but also in terms of component life.
The value and priority of the power quality title in facilities increases day by day and the level of awareness increases. In this way, the life span of electrical components such as transformers, cables, switches, drivers, motors, etc. is prevented, sudden malfunctions and production losses are prevented, and losses that turn into heat are saved. At this point, Womner presents the necessary technical analysis, infrastructure studies, project calculations and solution suggestions to its stakeholders. We provide services to use electrical energy in the most ideal way from the grid connection point to the consumption point in the facilities and to prevent errors.
General Coordinator
Dr. Ayşegül Eda Kop
University of Aberdeen
Power Quality
Faruk Başar
Yıldız Teknik University.
Harun Öz
İstanbul Bilgi University.
Cengiz Yıldırım
Kocaeli University.
Quality and Environment
Zeynep Erkmen
Çukurova University
Technical Service
Adnan Baş
PQ Professionals GmbH
Frank Strobel
General manager
Per Ewers
Global Segment Manager