Global Experience, Local Application

Simple devices and techniques such as the use of correct grounding methods, shielding, insulated cables, differential filters and barriers can control noise in most cases.
In order to have high production capability and capacity, the communication network is of critical importance in the industry, which increases the synchronization rate between control, automation and machines. The way to produce fast, safe and standard products is to operate the machines in harmony with the planned. However, it is known that both projecting or assembly errors and designs made without foreseeing all components in the project cause communication errors. In addition, communication errors can be seen more frequently in facilities where the problem cannot be detected early because of changing network conditions, maintenance and measurements have not been carried out for a long time, and additionally incoming and unforeseen load changes. The most critical point in this title, which can usually be solved with basic determinations and touches, is to identify the source of the problem that requires high experience and ability.